Operating resources

Programming system

TopSolid Cam programming takes place at the volume model
Data import in all of the most popular file formats

By depicting the raw and finished parts, the clamping setup and the entire machine, the user can see where his tools are moving at any time and therefore does not need to start up a new CNC program on the machine for each set.

Success factors

  • Simulation of raw and finished parts possible
  • Simulation of processing steps with tool display
  • Easy management of NC programs
  • Simple tool management
  • Less programming needed due to volume model
Programming system

Chip removal

Vertical and horizontal cubic milling
Turning, grinding, gear cutting etc.

Milling, drilling, grinding, gear cutting and other processes, each with the required accuracy, are combined in a comprehensive package.

Success factors

  • Use of state-of-the-art tool engineering
  • Continuous training of manufacturing specialists
  • Flexible, motivated employees
  • High level of machining expertise for thin-walled cast components
  • Continuous process optimisation
Chip removal

Friction stir welding technology (FSW)

From extremely small to large components
Complex geometries can be welded in all locations

We have several FSW machining centres for many different applications. These systems are highly specialised, have a high degree of automation and have state-of-the-art process control.

Success factors

  • Highly efficient, modern machining centres for series-produced components
  • Large systems for process forces of up to 75 kN
  • Accredited and certified in accordance with ISO 25239, EN 15085
  • NC control in all locations
  • Simulation of all stages of processing
Friction stir welding technology (FSW)

Fitter's shop

Edge bending and pressing

The wide range of services of our construction fitter's shop with the main areas of welding and edge bending round off our high vertical range of manufacture and help us to achieve short throughput times.

Success factors

  • Edge bending presses with pressure of up to max. 125 t
  • Presses with pressure of up to max. 40 t
  • Different manual welding procedures (oxyacetylene, arc, inert gas and spot welding)


Fitter's shop

Surface technology

Wet lacquering system, water- and solvent-based
Enamelling furnace

Components up to a size of 2500 x 1500 x 1000 mm and weighing up to 250 kg can be treated in the modern lacquering system.

Success factors

  • Water-based lacquers
  • Solvent-based lacquers
  • Fully automatic pre-treatment (iron phosphating)
  • Conventional and electrostatic lacquering
  • Lacquering furnace max:
  • 220° C
  • Short changeover time to different colours
Surface technology

Quality control

3D measuring machine, Zeiss Accura
Scan Max 3D multi-coordinate measuring machine

Continuous quality monitoring of series-produced components is the guarantee of high precision. 3D measurements with an accuracy of one micrometer are one of the daily quality control tasks.

Success factors

  • Air conditioned test room
  • Precise and quick measuring results
  • Direct evaluation of process capabilities in combination with Q-DAS
  • Alufix holding fixtures, for flexible, quick workpiece holding
  • Gearwheel measurements
  • Surface roughness measurements
  • Job order measuring of many different components / standards
Quality control

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