The Rapid Group is bundling its strengths in Germany and merging the German companies into one unit.
Rapid Technic GmbH, based in Osterburken, and Brielmaier Motormäher GmbH, based in Deggenhausertal, become
Rapid Technic GmbH, based in Deggenhausertal.


Acquisition of the two companies KommTek Intelligente Lösungen GmbH and Brielmaier Motormäher GmbH.

Market launch of VAREA M231 and VAREA S231.

Cessation of the existing activities as importer of small and municipal tractors from Japanese manufacturer ISEKI.


Market launch of the MONTA M 161 and S 161 machine models with a stronger engine. Mowing specialists and counterparts to the MONTA 141 machines.

Presentation and market launch of the VAREA M 141 and S 141 platform machines as well as the VAREA M 161 and S 161 models with a stronger engine as well as standardised components and many parallels to the MONTA line. A variable and versatile walk-behind tractor for universal and municipal use with the Rapid double pump as the heart of the machine.

Cessation of the existing activities as an importer for cleaning and green area maintenance machines of the Danish manufacturer Nilfisk Outdoor.

Discontinuation of the technically and conceptually outdated Rapid EURO that has been part of the product range for many years.


Market launch of the Rapid Multi-Twister as an addition to the Twister family. Through the active lateral transport that can be switched under load, the range of applications is expanded to include green forage and silage as well as applications on flat terrain.

Market launch of the Rapid MONTA S 141, the second platform machine launched with standardised components and sensor-based/electronic actuation. The counterpart to the MONTA M 141 with mechanical actuation.


Presentation and market launch of the Rapid CASEA co-developed with Ariens (USA). A walk-behind tractor with an associated range of attachments for professional green/paved area maintenance.

Presentation and market launch of the Rapid MONTA M 141, the first platform machine launched with standardised components and mechanical actuation. A mountain mowing specialist for extremely steep slopes with the Rapid double pump as the heart of the machine.


Market launch of the innovative Rapid Twister hayrake with an uncontrolled plastic pick-up developed in-house for the clean and gentle harvesting of dry forage on extremely steep slopes.


Market launch of the Rapid ORBITO with an axle that can be hydraulically adjusted at the push of a button.

Finalisation and sale of Anlageliegenschaft Zypressenhof, Limmatfeld Dietikon (at Rapid's former business location).

End of activities as general representative for Lindner tractors and transporters.


Strategic cooperation with Reform / A (importer of OE and OEM products).


Market launch of Rapid REX, the world's lightest mountain mower.


Relocation from Dietikon / ZH to Killwangen/AG.


Rapid becomes the main dealer for the Austrian brand Lindner (transporters and specialist tractors). This significantly reinforces the trade division: in both the municipal and agricultural sectors Rapid now covers the majority of its customers‘ needs. The dealer network will also benefit from this expansion and differentiation.


Penetration of the American market via cooperation with the company ARIENS / USA (producer of Gravely walk-behind tractors).

The Rapid MONDO is overhauled and the second generation launched


Launch of Rapid’s upgraded Rapid SWISS model with a rotary grip.


Introduction of the first Rapid SWISS series, based on Karl Lüönd’s plans.

A distribution agreement for Switzerland is concluded with Egholm, the Danish manufacturer of walk-behind tractors with articulated steering.

A joint venture is agreed with Sewitech AG for the distribution of Sewitech gradient mowers under the label Rapid TECNO.


Market launch of the Rapid UNIVERSO.

Purchase of all rights to the Rapid SWISS developed by Karl Lüönd Sen.


One year after the 75th anniversary celebration of Rapid Maschine und Fahrzeuge AG, the company was split into two autonomous parts, Rapid Schweiz AG and Rapid Technic AG.

Rapid Schweiz AG deals with the import and sale of agricultural vehicles.

Rapid Technic AG is active in the following segments:

Production and distribution of single-axle equipment
Import and sale of special vehicles for public works use
Customised manufacture for the machine industry


75th anniversary celebration of Rapid Maschine und Fahrzeuge AG.


The production of the Rapid 505 is discontinued after 33 years, a period during which more than 30,000 units were produced and sold.


Start of production of the Rapid MONDO. The second generation of the Rapid EURO with an aluminium housing replaces the grey cast iron model.


The Rapid EURO is launched.


The first hydrostatically driven motor mower with a zero cutting unit, the Rapid 507, is launched.


Rapid agrees on a joint venture with Iseki & Co. Ltd. Tokyo, Japan, which still exists to this day. Iseki is a successful manufacturer of compact tractors, which are widely distributed in Japan as agricultural tractors in rice paddies. In Switzerland, the tractor is used primarily for public works purposes.


Development of the Rapid Heureka, a tractor mower on the basis of a single-axle vehicle, which proves to be revolutionary in rationalising hay harvesting on terrain with gradients of up to 65%. The development of tractor mowers ends in 1992 with the launch of the Rapid MT 200.


The most successful motor mower from Rapid, the Rapid 505, is launched in the market with wide-cutting and zero cutting models.


Rapid develops the first automotive trailer, the Rapid Cargotrac 30, marking the start of the company’s development of double-axle transporters spanning a period of 30 years. 1982 sees the market launch of the biggest and most powerful transporter, the Rapid Alltrac 3000.


Move into a newly constructed administrative building and relocation of Rapid AG’s headquarters from Zurich to Dietikon.


Production of an initial series of 1,000 lawnmowers. Rapid becomes a lawnmower producer, a clichée that is still widely held to this day.


A major success was enjoyed by Rapid in 1950 with the development and construction of its single-axle tractor type “S” (1950 – 1978).

The Rapid trademark was launched in 1949.

The Rapid Spezial was a machine which could not only be used for mowing but also for agricultural purposes as a transporter in combination with a trailer driven via the power take-off shaft.

The “Spezial” was one of the first multi-functional machines to make its mark on the mechanisation of Swiss agriculture, in combination with many different attachments.


Relocation of production from Zurich to the newly built factory in Dietikon.


Manufacture of a test series of 36 small “Swiss Volkswagen” cars. One of these cars is on display at Lucerne Transport Museum.


Dr. Karl Welter and engineer Arnold Rutishauser founded “Rapid Motormäher AG” with the aim of manufacturing motor-driven mowing machinery. Rapid was the first company in the world to launch the series production of self-propelled motor mowers with front-driven mowing bars.