The turf cutter

The turf cutter

Engine power: 5.5 HP / 4.2 kW

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Area of use

Special applications

Simple, convenient and efficient removal of old turf

The turf cutter can be used to strip or remove old turf in strips. Stripping and removal eliminates the need for herbicides, which are necessary in other processes for the removal of old turf. The removal of existing, possibly matted, old lawn represents a step in the process chain for the creation of new turf or other garden elements. Preparations for the creation of vegetable beds or for paved areas can also be made. Partial repair measures in existing grass stocks, e.g. with rolled turf tracks, can also be prepared. It is particularly suitable for use in locations that cannot be reached by large-scale technology and impresses with its compact dimensions, low overall weight and reliable function even in adverse conditions.

The turf cutter

Success factors

  • Intuitive operation
  • Easy loading, transporting, manoeuvring and storage thanks to compact dimensions and low total weight
  • Functional safety without spinning wheels due to 4x4 all-wheel drive
  • Horizontal, regular cutting over the entire working width achieve good results for new turf or lawn repairs
  • Removal of turf – also removes weeds as an alternative to the use of herbicides
  • Easy removal of the stripped old lawn in the form of manageable rolls

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