Working width: 70 - 90 cm

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The Uni-Rotary Harrow breaks up clods of earth effectively, while at the same time loosening and finely levelling the soil. Thanks to the large number of rotary tines, fine results can be achieved in a single operation. This provides the perfect basis for growing all kinds of plants, vegetables or turf successfully.


Success factors

  • Till, level and (optionally) sow in a single operation
  • Optional drilling container with automatically measured seed delivery
  • Working depth can be continuously adjusted via mesh roller
  • Machine combination is extremely manoeuvrable
  • Also ideal for use on embankments, in tunnels or greenhouses
  • Compact and low-maintenance
  • Low weight compared with tractors protects the ground
  • Narrow machine widths enable access through narrow gates and over the tiniest tracks and steps

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