Flail Mower


Working width: 68 - 130 cm

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Area of use

Mulching technology

Rapid Flail Mowers cut through grass and seedlings, leaving behind finely chopped mulch. The Y blades, which are mounted on the balanced driving shaft so that they are free to move, are extremely hard-wearing and enable you to work efficiently with hardly any vibrations. This results in clean cut and perfectly maintained green areas.

Flail Mower

Success factors

  • Extremely high cutting performance even when tackling tough grass and undergrowth
  • Easy and continuous height adjustment
  • Extremely narrow drive box means you can get really close to obstacles
  • Feeler roller cleans itself during operation thanks to the closely spaced blades
  • Minimum vibration thanks to balanced blade driving shaft
  • Safety thanks to machine brake that stops the machine within seconds if the dead man handle is released or in the event of decoupling

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