Rapid MONTA S161

Single-axle walk-behind tractors

Engine power: 16 HP / 11.8 kW

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Area of use

Mowing technology
Forage harvesting
Mulching technology
Winter services

The low machine centre of gravity and axle far in the back make it ideal for mowing even extremely steep hillsides. The machine balance guarantees a high bar bearing weight without additional weights. The new Rapid soft handlebar bearing, adjustable active steering types and the laterally swivelling handlebar allow maximum efficiency and high comfort.

Rapid MONTA S161

Success factors

  • Continuously variable travel drive, no need for clutch operation and gear shifting
  • Active hand lever or handlebar steering, switchable, for effortless and precise work
  • Low centre of gravity and wide track ensure high overturning stability
  • Active handlebar steering for effortless and precise work
  • A housing geometry specially designed for mountain mowing offers a high bar bearing weight without additional weights
  • Zero-turn function for turning on the spot
  • Tool-free attachment quick-change system

Technical data

  • Engine
    Briggs & Stratton
  • Type
    4-stroke OHV petrol engine, air-cooled
  • Cubic capacity
    480 ccm³
  • Cylinders
  • Max. power
    16 PS / 11, 8 kW
  • Starter
    Recoil starter
  • Weight
    196 kg (without wheels)
  • Suitability for slopes
    bis 100%
  • Travel drive
    Hydrostatic, continuously variable
  • Speed
    Forwards: 8 km/h, reverse: 4 km/h
  • Power take-off (PTO)
    1000 rpm at an engine speed of 3600 rpm

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