Levelling harrow


Working width: 150 cm

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The levelling harrow is a powered cultivator equipped with an oscillating rake. The key functions of the attachment are soil distribution and levelling.

The attachment is generally used following soil cultivation to produce a level surface. Another possible application of this attachment is the distribution and levelling of humus, substrate, compost, etc. after spreading.

The attachment is characterised by its clever design, with optimally designed weight ratios and impressive distribution and levelling performance.

Levelling harrow

Success factors

  • Comfortable handling due to well-designed weight ratios and mounting situation
  • Steady handling and adjustable cultivation results thanks to the ability to retrofit customised ballast options using standard ballast weights
  • Low vibrations due to well-designed component arrangement and distribution of weight ratios as well as design for operation in moderate speed ranges
  • Good distribution performance – even with rough ground conditions – due to the shape, arrangement and design of the components of the attachment
  • Minimal soil accumulation and optimum spreading of the soil when transitioning from one work site to another due to the baffle plates
  • Simple and compliant load securing by means of provided eyelets and lugs for threading or hooking through tension straps

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