Snowplough blade


Working width: 100 - 150 cm

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Area of use

Winter services

Rapid snowploughs really stand out thanks to their versatility, safety and ease of use. The pivoting mechanism, which can be conveniently operated from the handlebar, offers an efficient method of pushing snow out of the way in the desired direction. Thanks to the side panels (mounted without tools), areas of a considerable size can be cleared without leaving any snow behind.

Snowplough blade

Success factors

  • Spring-back tilt mechanism for impact-free work and protection of the machine and environment
  • Easy to operate, can be swivelled from the handlebar
  • Robust design, interchangeable scraper bars and slip heels
  • Sophisticated plough geometry means that large quantities of snow can be efficiently moved to the side thanks to the "rolling effect"
  • Optional vulkolan bar for clearing surfaces that are vulnerable to impacts and scratches without causing damage

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