Twister Hayrake


Working width: 140 - 220 cm

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Area of use

Forage harvesting

The Twister hayrakes are highly efficient for hay harvesting on steep slopes. Picking up and transporting dry crop as well as transportation to less steep slopes for pick-up using a baler or a loading wagon are therefore simple to do. Work is made much easier and a great deal of time is saved compared to conventional manual work.

Twister Hayrake

Success factors

  • Light weight for simple, reliable and ground-protecting working, even on extremely steep slopes
  • Flexible plastic tines mean that fodder is picked up neatly without causing damage on any terrain
  • Hay pick-up and transport downhill in a large ball when travelling along contour lines
  • Collection device makes it possible to pick up and transport sideways and uphill
  • Low crumbling losses
  • Pick-up procedure is favourable for biodiversity
  • Low noise generation

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